Godzilla King of The Monsters Action Figure 12"

Godzilla: King of the Monsters follows the heroes of cryptozoological defense force Monarch, as they fight to save our world when Titans rise to re-claim the earth. When these ancient superspeciesthought to be ancient mythsleave the very fate of humanity hanging in the balance, Monarch and the mighty Godzilla will collide with Mothra, Rodan, and Godzillas ultimate nemesis, King Ghidorah in an epic monster battle that will decide who shall rightfully claim the throne as King of the Monsters. The 12-inch tall Godzilla figure is a massive 18-inches long and includes six points of articulation. Recreate the action from the new movie with this incredible figure!
Godzilla King of Monsters 12" Godzilla Action Figure Perfect size to play with or to display. Incredible detail 18-inches long! 6 points of articulation


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